stick divination is one of a multitude of techniques of divination practised in west africa. generally speaking divination is a widely used term for oracles: by means of a certain method information will be revealed to a client from a transcendental sphere which cannot be grasped with our ordinary senses. this transcendental realm unifies time (past, present and future) as well as space. it harbours forces, which influence our lives. therefore divination is a probate means for obtaining knowledge of a unique quality. this new information can be of decisive importance to our lives since the transcendental realm is not subject to material or emotional limitations and may yield surprising insight which otherwise remains hidden. at the same time stick divination can be of practical use in reaching decisions.

stick divination communicates and works with spirits. europeans usually prefer to call these spirits forces or energies. either way, with the help of material symbols the diviner can begin to communicate with otherworldly spirits in a sometimes dynamic and animated exchange. in the best case this interaction can be understood to be an intimate dialogue. in this respect stick divination is different from other techniques of divination.

stick divination is also particularly well suited to resolve complex issues through question and response. a dialogue may develop and open new lines of thought to the client.

divination requires a client who wishes to seek information or to resolve a problem. he or she will ultimately need to draw conclusions and reach decisions for himself/herself. as the divination does not simply predict the future the revelations and insights are always possibilities, which the client can use or reject to act upon.

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